Dear Mothers,

Breastfeeding has numerous health benefits for both baby and mother, but may not always be an easy process.  For the past eleven years, I have dedicated my practice to exclusively treating mothers and babies with medical issues related to breastfeeding. The most common complaints encountered are pain, non-healing nipple wounds, infections and low milk production. The good news is that with the proper guidance, diagnosis and treatment the majority of these issues can be resolved and breastfeeding can continue comfortably.

Getting help for your breastfeeding problem can sometimes be challenging.  Using my years of experience in the field, I have compiled the articles and photographs in this site to help you find out the cause of your problem and to guide you and your healthcare provider with an appropriate treatment plan.

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Take a look at the Problem List below.  After registering, you can click on a topic or if you are unsure of your diagnosis, click on a symptom and you will be guided in the right direction.  After reading the articles, if you still have questions, you may email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I hope this site makes it easier for you to reach your breastfeeding goals.


Mona Gabbay, M.D.

Problem List

AbscessHives Pregnancy
Adoptive LactationHypoplasiaProlactinoma
Bleb / PhotoImplantsPsoriasis
Bleeding Into MilkInduced LactationPump Trauma
Bleeding NippleInsulin ResistancePumping
Blocked DuctLow Milk ProductionRaynaud's Phenomenon
Breast Changes in Pregnancy--Is My Supply Low?Recurrent Mastitis
Breast Hypoplasia / Photos--Low Production: First WeeksRecurrent Blocked Ducts
Breast Implants--Milk Decrease: Later WeeksReflux and Yeast
Breast Lump--How to Increase Milk ProductionRelactation
Breast MassLumpScab
Breast ReductionMassSlits
Breast Size and Shape/ PhotosMastitisSore Nipples
Breast SurgeryMenstruationThrush
CandidaMontgomery's GlandsThyroid Effects
Cracked NipplesNipple BleedingTongue Tie
Contraception Too Much Milk
Deep PainNipple Soreness / SensitivityUnderdeveloped Breasts
Eczema / PhotosNipple Wound/Trauma/Crack/ScabVascular Spasm
Frenulum / FrenotomyPain in Both BreastsWeaning
Fussy BabyPain in One BreastWound Healing
Bottle FeedingPain -DeepYeast
GalactocelePain -SuperficialYeast Photos
Hungry BabyPain -ThrushRecessed Chin/Lower Jaw